How to use this test study

This test study has been prepared and presented as part of the ArcGIS Architecture Center to help organizations understand how a specific reference architecture can be designed and deployed on specific physical infrastructure, and how it may perform when tested under load. To make best use of this test study, the following approach is suggested:

  1. Understand the reference architecture first. It contains important information and resources not duplicated in the test study.
  2. Assess the workflows and data used in the test study against those your system supports. The system may support additional or different workloads, but making adjustments to the system, the workflows, and/or the load introduces risk.
  3. Use the test study as your guide for implementing your Network Management System. Where your workflows and/or requirements differ, we offer a design process you can follow.
  4. Determine possible improvement areas for your current implementation by considering design choices made in this test study.
  5. Evaluate the testing approach used against your own and look for improvement areas.
  6. Learn more about the architecture practices illustrated in the reference architecture in the ArcGIS Architecture Center.

Additional related resources

These resources reference key concepts and practices that may not have been explicitly stated within the test study, but can be significant factors in designing, implementing, and operating a successful Network Management System.