Using this reference architecture

This reference architecture has been prepared and presented as a part of the ArcGIS Architecture Center to help organizations understand how they might combine ArcGIS components together in a standardized and well-defined configuration. To make best use of this reference architecture, the following approach is suggested:

  1. Assess the workflows used as the focus of the reference architecture to determine their suitability to your own future system.

  2. Use the logical reference architecture as a starting point to design your Parcel Management System. Where your workflows or requirements differ, the design process can provide useful considerations to resolve these differences and introduce new components as needed.

  3. Incorporate design choices and considerations with respect to your organization’s non-functional requirements in areas like performance and scalability, reliability, and observability.

  4. Learn more about the architecture practices illustrated in this reference architecture.

Esri offers system architecture design services should you need help in the design process.

Additional related resources

These resources reference key concepts and practices that may not have been explicitly stated within the reference architecture, but can be significant contributors to successfully designing, implementing, and operating a Parcel Management System.