Industry systems and solutions

ArcGIS is used to inspire positive change in just about every industry and sector, including:

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ArcGIS includes a collection of industry-specific configurations of ArcGIS called ArcGIS Solutions. These industry solutions are designed to be rapidly deployed through SaaS or software, and leverage your authoritative data to improve operations, provide new insight, and enhance services in government, utility, defense, public safety, and telecommunications organizations. Additionally, ArcGIS includes advanced, comprehensive extensions for certain industry-specific system needs including (but not limited to) utility networks, pipeline referencing, defense mapping, as well as roads and highways.

The ArcGIS Well-Architected Framework strives to provide architecture patterns and best practices in an industry-agnostic fashion. However, these patterns and best practices can be used to design, deploy, and operate industry-specific GIS systems with ArcGIS. Consider exploring the ArcGIS system patterns, each of which presents industry-specific examples as well as considerations for building industry specific system. Additionally, consult the architecture library frequently, as industry-specific case studies, reference architectures, and technical considerations are added regularly.

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